Best Occasions To Use A Breathalyzer

by Dan Felton October 22, 2015

Best Occasions To Use A Breathalyzer

Social functions or events should be enjoyed thoroughly, especially considering how hectic life could be. Every once in a while, it’s nice to loosen up a bit or unwind, and have fun with friends while eating and drinking.

Drinking. Most of the time, when you’re having a ball, it’s hard to detect if you’ve already had too much to drink — especially these days wherein there are spiked beverages that really just sneak up on you.

For a lot of people, they only know they’re quite intoxicated when they start throwing up and feeling like the world’s spinning ‘round. And then, there are others who have already consumed a lot of alcohol but whose physical and cognitive functioning remain unaffected. Whether you’re the first type of drinker or the latter, it’s important to know your level of alcoholic toxicity before going from the social event to your home or a different destination – just to be safe.

And speaking of drinking at social functions, there certainly are occasions that require people to be more mindful of alcohol consumption because they can be a danger to others and/or themselves. One way of doing that is through controlled consumption, of course, and the other is by using a Breathalyzer. For those who don’t know what a Breathalyzer is, it’s a handheld gadget that is used for a field sobriety test; it measures the alcohol content in your breath.

This device is quite accurate with its measurement and is excellent for use especially in determining if a person is “fit” to go behind the wheel, or if it would be better to designate a different driver or call a cab company.

Some of the best occasions to use a Breathalyser are during parties and proms. Both are parties, basically, it’s just that there are different attendees for both occasions — parties can have both young people and adults, but, proms are for minors who truly need to be monitored or supervised by responsible adults. Because not only are they young, but they also tend to use their prom as an opportunity to get wasted by spiking the drinks served.

For casual parties wherein things can easily get out of control, using a Breathalyzer before letting anybody drive home is always a good idea; the result of the breath analysis can mean life or death for someone. As for proms, using a Breathalyzer is a good scare tactic for the students who are thinking of sneaking alcohol into the event because this instrument will surely bust them if they consumed any alcoholic beverages, which are not allowed for proms.

It’s smart to use a Breathalyzer for other occasions too – as long as there’ll be people drinking beer, wine, vodka and other spiked drinks, it’s best to have this device to determine a person’s ability to get himself safely home without posing risks to other motorists.

Dan Felton
Dan Felton


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