Which Personal Breathalyzer is for you in Australia?

 We recommend five Breathalyzers from Andatech (see below why we only offer Andatech AlcoSense products) for Personal use.

All of these units are excellent Breathalyzers in their own right. However, which one to choose depends on what you are looking for in a Breathalyzer.

There are a number of criteria you may need to consider:

1.              Accuracy
2.              Australian Standard AS3547
3.              Recalibration
4.              Australian Warranty
5.              Your Budget


If you are OK with .01% variance at .05, which is fine for most people, then the PRO is that accurate, as it uses Semiconductor Technology – see below.

However, if you want something more accurate, then you need to look at the Wingmate Rover or the Verity as they use Fuel Cell Technology – see below. They are accurate to .005% at .05%BAC.

For more accurate than this, the Stealth and the Zenith Plus are accurate to .005% at .1%, which is more like the Police Units.

 Re-Calibration Cycle:

For the  Pro re-calibration is required every 6 months or 200 uses, whereas with the Wingmate, Verity, Stealth and Zenith Plus re-calibration is required every 6 months or 500 uses.

Warm Up Time:

The Wingmate, Verity, Stealth and Zenith Plus are ready for use only seconds after they are switched on, whereas the  Pro has a countdown (up to 30-40 seconds) while the sensor warms up to its operating temperature.

Australian Standard AS3547

If being compliant with AS3547 is important to you, which it should be, then the PRO, Wingmate, Verity, Stealth and Zenith Plus are certified to this standard.

 Your Budget:

Because of the above considerations, there are price differences in the units, so that can be a factor – remember it’s better to have a Breathalyzer than no Breathalyzer, so be guided by your budget.

  Why Andatech?

Andatech  has helped pioneer the consumer market for breath alcohol testers. Andatech first offered breathalysers in to the Australian market in 2003 as an entertaining safety device to be used by everyone consuming alcohol

They now brand their Breathalysers as AlcoSense.

 AlcoSense breathalysers expanded its product line to include highly accurate fuel cell-based breath alcohol testers for professional and industrial use. These alcohol testers are now used for law enforcement, safety inspection and utilised in health clinics, hospitals, construction companies, aviation businesses, mining sites and other professional organisations for both evidential alcohol testing and alcohol screening applications.

 In 2004, Andatech was the first company in Australia to ever receive the Australian Standard AS3547 for a personal hand-held breathalyser under $200. Now, AlcoSense breathalysers have been accredited with ISO9001 Quality Management System for the sales, distribution and service of breathalysers in Australia. Andatech is the industry leader in personal and professional breathalyser distribution through wholesale and retail channels.

 What is the difference between fuel-cell breathalyser sensor and semiconductor sensor ?

The advantage of semiconductor sensors is that they are very inexpensive to make.  The disadvantages are that they use a lot of power, take time to warm up, are less stable over time, and can give false positive readings in the presence of some foods and sugars that have a chemical structure similar to alcohol.

The advantages of fuel cell sensors are that they use no power, are ready almost immediately, are more stable over time, and rarely give false positive readings.  The usual disadvantage of fuel cell sensors is their cost; however, Andatech has spent years developing its own patented fuel cell sensor technology that has resulted in a sensor that is significantly less expensive to make when compared to conventional fuel cell sensors, yet is reliable and accurate. 

 What does Australian Standard AS3547 mean?

The majority of Andatech's breathalysers have passed and are certified to Australian Standard AS3547.  This means that the breathalyser has been tested for its accuracy, reliability and has proven to perform better than other breathalysers that are in the market without it. All our Australian Standard breathalysers underwent extensive laboratory and field testing in order to get this certification. This also means the breathalyser is serviceable and well supported through a strictly controlled process as a safety device.

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