Refurbished Andatech AlcoSense PRO Professional Breathalyzer - Silver


Brand:  Andatech AlcoSense
Weight:  0.11 KGS
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  • Product Description


    These units have been Re-calibrated and checked by the Manufacturer.

    They are not in original packaging.

    Alcosense PRO Digital Breathalyser (Alcohol Tester / Detector) is the world first and only breathalyser that can be operated in dual-mode; it can be operated in a normal mode to measure specific blood alcohol concentration, or it can be used as an alcohol responder (share between multiple people) to test the presence of alcohol. Alcosense PRO Digital Breathalyser calibrating with high accuracy with ranges of 0.00 to 0.40%BAC.

    Product Description

      • Professional Breathalyser
      • Leading technology combined with quality and simplicity
      • The Alcosense PRO Digital Breathalyser is certified to Australian Standard AS3547. It is accurate and cost effective.

    Alcosense PRO Digital Breathalyser Features:

      • Australian Standard AS3547 certified
      • Semiconductor Sensor
      • Highly accurate % BAC reading
      • Reading range: 0.00 to 0.40% BAC
      • Dual mode: fast and normal
      • Perfect for professional and personal use
      • Leather pouch and 5 mouthpieces included
      • 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty


  • Other Details

    Model No.:  ALS-PRO - Black
    BAC Range: 0.00% - 0.40%BAC
    Sensor Type: New oxide semiconductor-type alcohol sensor (gas flow sensor built in)
    Accuracy: ± 0.01%BAC at 0.05%BAC
    Warm Up Time: Within 30 seconds or less
    Response Time: Within 5 seconds in Normal Mode, 3 Seconds in Fast Mode
    Recycle Time: 10 seconds
    Working Temperature: 10 – 40°C
    Power Supply: 2 x AA Batteries (Alkaline Only)
    Mouthpieces: 5 mouthpieces supplied, Only compatible with AlcoSense mouthpieces
    Result Reading: in Normal Mode:0.00 to 0.40% B.A.C by LED display; in Fast Mode: Zero, Low, High (3 steps)
    Certification: Australian Standard AS3547, CE Approval, DOT Approval, FDA Approval
    Continuous Use: Over 200 times
    Calibration Frequency: 200 tests / 6 months
    Display: Back-lit LCD
    Features: 2 decimal place reading, flow control, auto power off, battery low indicator
    Includes: User Manual, Mouthpieces, Batteries
    Product Weight : 105g (including batteries)
    Dimensions: H: 116mm, W: 50mm, D: 21mm
  • Warranty Information

    3 Months